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The solution is to allow farmers to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground through advanced technology (such as remote sensing satellites and AI Technology) that can tell them more about their situation than they can see with the naked eye. And not just more accurately but also more quickly than seeing it walking or driving through the fields. These can monitor plant health, soil condition, temperature, humidity, etc. The amount of data that satellite sensors can generate is overwhelming, and the significance of the numbers is hidden in the avalanche of that data. And the aim is that farmers can use this artificial intelligence to achieve their goal of a better harvest through making better decisions in the field. The MVP is established and ready to launch. The IP strategy that we are following for our solution are copyright, trade secret, and contract. our platform is connected via API with advanced cloud technology, which is an innovative method to efficiently process and distribute data in a cost-efficient way of gathering necessary information. This service makes satellite data (Sentinels, Landsat and other providers) seamlessly accessible for users to be browsed or analyzed, within their own GIS environment, therefore with their own reference data.


Our approach combines cloud-based GIS technologies, parallel processing and fully automated procedures. Regardless of the volume of data, this service is able to create an on-the-fly mosaic of the imagery based on choice of area, time, cloud coverage parameters, atmospheric correction, and combines the sensor bands using products and visualization options to build outputs in a matter of minutes.

How does it works

here is an example of visualized satellite timelaps.

and this is specificly shows Portugal's greens surface from 2000 to 2023