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Our Story

We are developing technologies that allow farmers to maximize yields by controlling every variable of crop farming such as moisture levels, pest stress, soil conditions, and micro-climates. By providing more accurate techniques for planting and growing crops, precision agriculture enables farmers to increase efficiency and manage costs. We believe our product will make these controls smarter and more beneficial. for this purpose, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques propose important contributions to knowledge model’s identification, service creation and the decision-making processes as support for the different Agri-Food’s applications.

Why Choose Us

AI-innovations offers formal general algorithms for prediction, accuracy and performance evaluation as well as pattern classification that might solve knowledge issues in the agricultural domain such as the pest’s identifications and the correct treating methods. In addition, AI supports applications in farming technique development: land allocation regarding the targeted activity, irrigation process analysis and control, robot guidance, etc.


Lourinhã municipality

The Startup Lourinhã Incubator is an initiative of the Lourinhã City Council that works at Centro Cultural Dr. Afonso Rodrigues Pereira, in Lourinhã, and aims to: support entrepreneurs in the development of business ideas; provide a welcoming place with favorable conditions for the development of the activity; to be the link between schools and the business fabric of the Municipality of Lourinhã. They helped us in our progress road and made some useful connections for us.

Startup Portugal

Startup Portugal is a non-profit organization, holding the Statute of Public Utility (conferred by Decree-Law 33/2019 of March 4th), whose mission is the development of activities of public interest for the promotion of entrepreneurship, in close connection with public and private entities operating in the national entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Nls Lda

A big Agriculture company that provide a land for testing our AI and enhancing our Machine learning