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Satellite Monitoring

satellites provide support to land monitoring services and ensure frequent and systematic coverage to support the mapping of land cover, classification and change maps, and accurate assessment of geophysical parameters.


Data Processing

The solution is to allow farmers to gain a better understanding of the situation on the ground through advanced technology (such as remote sensing satellites and AI Technology)...

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AI based Advices

for this purpose, Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques propose important contributions to knowledge model’s identification, service creation and the decision-making processes ...

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What we do?

We are developing technologies that allow farmers to maximize yields by controlling every variable of crop farming such as moisture levels, pest stress, soil conditions, and micro-climates.


Growth rate, crops health, ...


Moisture level, Thirstiness, Over apply


Flood, Drought, Heat, Frost, Hail, Wind...


Weeds, Insects, Diseases, Chemicals.


Chemical & Biological Content of soil, Soil compaction, Crop Rotation

Wrong Decisions

Misuse of Chemicals, fertilizers and equipment, Wrong timing location & dosages applied.

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